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2015 Distinctive Brushstrokes
Home Seminar

October 2-4, 2015

Holiday Canvas Collection
click on the 'Home Seminar' button to the left for information...

Paint these beautiful holiday designs with Lynne & Judy, then arrange vertically...


or in groupings....what FUN!!


We've joined Purely Acrylics where you can get a video lesson on the following project!! Just click on the logo or photo below to be taken to the Purely Acrylics website to sign up. Now we can paint with you, and you can see and hear every step!!

Rose and Lace Box

NEW... Free Pattern
The Studio Clock

Just click on the Free Pattern button to the left or HERE to download this PDF pattern and picture...Enjoy!!

NEW...Pattern Packet Club 2015

'Distinctive Floral Placemats'
click on the Pattern Club link to the left or here for more information


NEW...Laser Cut Door Crowns
Click HERE or on the 'Pattern Packet' button; upper left of this page
 to get more information!

Pattern Packet #337 Gardening Door Crown

Pattern Packet #338 Beach Door Crown

Pattern Packet #339  Snowmen Door Crown
NEW... Pattern Packet
  Garden Wreath...a delightful collection of gardening elements
Click HERE or on the 'Pattern Packet' button; upper left of this page
 to get more information!
NEW...Holiday Ornaments
Out Christmas Ornaments are a big hit...have you painted yours yet??
Check them out here!

The 'Distinctive' Alphabet
Use these charming letters to spell out names, inspirational words and sayings! Click HERE or on the ABC photo below or the Pattern Packets tab to the left to see all of the letters...they are so unique and fresh...we think you'll LOVE them!

Come Paint With Us!
 Shown below are our upcoming Convention Classes!
  Heart of Ohio Tole Convention
August 3-8, 2015
Columbus, Ohio
Bunny Notes
Lynne Deptula
Holiday Hostess Apron
Lynne Deptula
Amaryllis Journal
Lynne Deptula
Chinoiserie Dresser Box
Judy Diephouse
Kiev Fruit Bowl
Judy Diephouse
Tickle the Earth
Judy Diephouse
  Creative Painting Convention
February 28 - March 4, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: Jay Sharp; www.vegaspaint.com

Chickadee & Berries

Judy Diephouse
Chinoiserie Square Box
Judy Diephouse

Holiday Memories Journal

Lynne Deptula